2010 Wednesday TWILIGHT SERIES

March 17 - October 20, 2010



1   Organizing Authority

 New Orleans Yacht Club, 403 N Roadway St., New Orleans, LA 70124-1639

2   Rules

All races will be governed by the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association except where altered by these instructions.

3   Eligibility

These races are open to all.

3.1   Current GYA PHRF ratings and a valid rating certificate are required. Boats with a Portsmouth rating that can be converted or crossed-over to a PHRF rating may be accepted. Otherwise the Race Committee will assign a temporary rating with an estimated six seconds penalty. Provisional ratings assigned by the Race Committee will be accepted without protest, and may not be protested. PHRF ratings may be obtained online at the GYA.org website..

4   Safety

4.1   All boat shall carry all U.S.C.G. required safety equipment.

4.2   All boats shall have functional Navigation Lights (running lights) as required. Boats that are 7 meters or less shall have Navigation Lights (running lights) that display a red and green side or bow lights and a white stern light. Navigation Lights (running lights) shall be used after sunset.

4.3   All boats shall carry a functional VHF radio and monitor channel 68. The Race Committee will monitor channel 68.

4.4   Those boats that do not comply with all of the above, a.) Are subject to protest and disqualification, or b.) The Race Committee at its discretion may score a boat as Disqualified (DSQ).

4.4   A boat withdrawing from the race shall notify the Race Committee, as soon as possible when doing so. Failure to do so will be scored DSQ for the entire series. This also applies to a boat that has registered to race and does not race.

5   Non-Spinnaker Sail Restrictions

5.1   Only one headsail may be used at a time. Headsails of maximum size used for PHRF ratings or smaller may be carried and tacked at the usual tack point with luff continuously attached to the forestay by means provided the sail maker. Roller furling headsails attached on its own wire (i.e., Old Shaffer systems) will be allowed. In the case of hank on sails, the hanks will be no further apart than 48 inches. Spinnakers and staysails (except mizzen staysails) will not be allowed.

5.2   Whisker poles are to be no longer than the yacht's spinnaker pole (i.e., "J" measurement) and must be attached to the mast. Only one Whisker Pole may be carried at any time.

6   Registration

Registration is required for each race and, shall include the Skipper/ Owner name, sail number, rating, boat name, boat type, and division (spinnaker, non-spinnaker). Registration may be completed by: phone (504) 283.2581, online @ NOYC.org, or in person at the NOYC bar. All registrations must be completed forty-five (45) minutes prior to the first warning signal.

7   Notices and Changes in Sailing Instructions

Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board near the north (rear) entrance to NOYC. Any changes to the sailing instructions will be posted no later than 3:00pm on race day, or on the water.

8   Schedule of Events

3/17WNR Series 1 Race 1NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
3/24WNR Series 1 Race 2NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
3/31WNR Series 1 Race 3NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
4/7WNR Series 1 Race 4NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
4/14WNR Series 1 Race 5NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
4/21WNR Series 2 Race 1*SYC/CSA*1900 Warning*
4/28WNR Series 2 Race 2*SYC/CSA*1900 Warning*
5/5WNR Series 2 Race 3*SYC/CSA*1900 Warning*
5/12WNR Series 2 Race 4*SYC/CSA*1900 Warning*
5/19WNR Series 2 Race 5*SYC/CSA*1900 Warning*
5/26WNR Series 3 Race 1NOYC1900 Warning
6/2WNR Series 3 Race 2NOYC1900 Warning
6/9WNR Series 3 Race 3NOYC1900 Warning
6/16WNR Series 3 Race 4NOYC1900 Warning
6/23WNR Series 3 Race 5NOYC1900 Warning
6/30WNR Make UP/ChampagneNOYC1900 Warning<
7/7WNR Series 4 Race 1NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
7/14WNR Series 4 Race 2NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
7/21WNR Series 4 Race 3NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
7/28WNR Series 4 Race 4NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
8/4WNR Series 4 Race 5NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
8/11WNR Make Up/ChampagneNOYC1900 Warning
8/18WNR Series 5 Race 1NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
8/25WNR Series 5 Race 2NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
9/1WNR Series 5 Race 3NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
9/8WNR Series 5 Race 4NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
9/15WNR Series 5 Race 5NOYC1900 Warning-BOTY
9/22WNR Series 6 Race 1CSA/NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
9/29WNR Series 6 Race 2CSA/NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
10/6WNR Series 6 Race 3CSA/NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
10/13WNR Series 6 Race 4CSA/NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY
10/20WNR Series 6 Race 5CSA/NOYC1830 Warning-BOTY Awards

*See SYC/CSA for NOR/SI's for second series.

9   Classes and Class Flags

9.1   Class breaks and class flags will be posted on the official posting board no later than 3:00 pm on race day.

9.2    Four boat minimum per class. Any class with less than four boats will not be scored. The Race Committee at its discretion may change the order of the classes to start, and will attempt to notify the competitors prior to the first Warning by VHF radio channel 68.

9.3    Class breaks will be posted on the official notice board; may be posted on the Race Committee boat and/or the web site NOYC.ORG.

10   The Course & Change of Course

10.1   The course shall use fixed marks. The Race Committee will post the course on the Committee Boat. See http://noyc.org/images/chart.pdf for the fixed mark names, their position, bearing and distances. If the course is "J-H-A" or "J-H-B", boats shall round the offset (if on station) after rounding the "J" mark, and if the course is not shortened at "H", boats may pass "H" on either side. If the "J" mark is used in a triangle course, the offset is not part of the course. If a course designation is followed by a numeral, the course shall be sailed as laps equal to the numeral. The course may be changed or shortened at any mark of the course. Distances are not subject to protest.

10.1   All mark roundings of the course shall be to port. If the course to be sailed requires that the marks to be rounded to starboard, the Race Committee shall indicate such by displaying a green flag prior to the Warning Signal for each class to start.

11   The Start

The starting line will be between an orange line flag on the Race Committee boat and the adjacent mark. The Race Committee may use a temporary inflatable orange or yellow mark in lieu of a missing fixed mark for the start.

12   Recalls

The race committee intends to hail the recall or sail numbers of OCS boats after the starting signal by voice, loudhailer, and/or VHF channel 68. The failure of any boat to hear the hail, an untimely hail of OCS boats, failure to hail any boats, and the order of the boats in the hail shall not be grounds for granting redress. This changes rules 41 and 62.1.

13   The Finish

13.1   The finish line will be between an orange line flag on the Race Committee boat and the adjacent mark. The Race Committee may use a temporary inflatable orange or yellow mark in lieu of a missing fixed mark for the finish.

13.2   In the absence of the Race Committee at the finish, a boat shall take her own time by passing as close as practical to the finish mark of the course and report it to the Race Committee as soon as possible, providing race time has yet to expire.

14   Time Limit

The time limit for each class is two (2) hours. Boats failing to finish within 30 minutes after the first boat in her class finishes, or after the time limit, whichever is sooner, will be scored TLE (Time Limit Expired) and will be assigned scored points equal to the number of boats finishing within the time limit plus two points. Boats to be scored TLE will be hailed by the Race Committee on VHF 68 and must respond to be scored. Boats that have left the course and improperly claim TLE will be scored DSQ for the entire series.This changes rules 35, A4.1, A4.2, and A5.

15   Protest

15.1   All protesting boats shall fly a red protest flag in an obvious location and, additionally, inform the Race Committee boat upon finishing, or if unable to finish, at first reasonable opportunity, of the sail number(s) or otherwise identify the protested boat(s). This changes RRS 61.

15.2    All protests must be filed on a protest form (available at NOYC or at US Sailing's website) no later than one hour after the Race Committee Boat docks. Parties to a protest shall provide their own Rule Book. Each party will have five (5) minutes to plea their case with a five (5) minute rebuttal. After which, the protest chairman will make a decision for the purpose of the award presentation. A regular protest committee will hear the protest if damage occurs, but at a later date. This changes RRS 61.

16   Scoring

Scoring will be in accordance with RRS A4.1, using the low-point scoring system. A minimum of three races will constitute a series. In a series in which four or more races are sailed, there will be one throw-out excluding DSQ. This changes RRS 90.3(b).

17   Prizes

17.1   Prizes will be awarded to each boat that places 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each race and 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in a series.

17.2   Prizes will be awarded for Boat of the Year (BOTY) in each of the four classes. BOTY will be decided over the four designated series. To score points for BOTY, a boat must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall in a series; a high point system will be used, with three points for 1st, two for 2nd and one for 3rd. A boat which provides the PRO and conducts the race committee for a series shall be awarded three points for that series (This does not apply to NOYC regatta and race committee chairs).

Revision 1 - March 9, 2010