Handicap racing and its survival is not hinged on ORRez making it or not making it. Nobody cares if Pontchartrain, NOYC or CSA has a dozen races, a couple regattas and WNR that uses some easy CLUB DIY PHRF rating system. Serious Handicap racing won't die because of ORRez not being accepted. Serious Handicap racing will die because of the age of the owners. Look at the ages of the serious handicap racers. Eighties, Seventies, Sixties and that is the big reason ORRez will die with Serious Handicap Racing. It is not about PHRF versus ORRez. People are looking for the less serious PHRF races and smaller more affordable one design classes. Follow the money, the recent boat purchases and the demographics. ORRez won't die because of it being more technical and complicated than PHRF, it will die because of the age of the participants and it not attracting the latest money being thrown at the sport in our area. This is not an anti-ORRez rant, it is a reality check. ORRez is perfect for a Gulfport-Pensacola reachfest WNR like race. ORRez might even work well for a 3andhalf club Challenge Cup if it exists in the future. Follow the money and look at the boats being bought by racers on the lake. If you want to reach to Gulfport or Pensaccola get an ORRez cert. Good luck.