GYA Women's Handicap Championship coming to NOYC *LINK*

Dear Racers,

On June 10-11, as part of the Fleur de Lis Regatta, the GYA Women's Handicap Championship will be sailed.

Spinnaker class requires all female crew and the skipper must be a member of a full GYA Club. For spinnaker boats, 50% of the crew must be a member of a GYA club or association. The trophy is awarded to the skipper and kept at the skipper's club. They will also be sailing for the Fleur de Lis perpetual spinnaker trophy.

The non-spinnaker class has no club requirement and needs the skipper and 50% of the crew (Including the skipper) to be female. Weather permitting, race only on Saturday. They will sail for the FLeur de Lis perpetual non-spinnaker trophy. Let me know if I can help you get on the water in any way. We have several out-of-state ladies coming to race on boats.