Yacht On Fire *LINK*

Your yacht lawsuit may not get the jurisdiction you desire. Read the fine print. This forum chosen was the BVI. Read your policy.

Looks like warranties were not met by insured. Might have been geographical location allowed.


federal appeals court agreed with a lower court on Wednesday that an insurer can enforce its policy’s forum selection clause in litigation over a destroyed yacht.

The Princess Alia, a 62-foot yacht destroyed by fire in 2021 while harboring in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, was owned by Ralph Eads through his company, Princess Alia LLC, according to the ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans in Ralph Eads; Princess Alia LLC v. Spheric Assurance Co. Ltd.

The yacht’s insurer, British Virgin Islands-based Spheric, denied coverage, citing various warranty violations and a lack of clarity as to the fire’s cause, according to the ruling.

Plaintiffs sued Spheric in state court in Texas, alleging breach of contract, bad faith and unfair settlement practices.

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