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I did a quick Google search and found this information. Looks like they haven't updated their web page since 2023. Based on last year's schedule, I suspect there is a good chance of a CSA race next Sunday.

Sunday 26 March 2023
CSA Spring Series Race 1
CSA (S) Spring Series Notice of Race (NoR)

The CSA (S) Spring series is a three race series held on Sundays, including 1 makeup day. The races are usually triangle races using the Lake Pontchartrain South Shore race marks and follow a steeplechase start. Course and start time will be given at the skippers meeting. Racers will start on their honor, monitored by race committee when available. Racers should record their own end time and report them to race committee as soon as practical (vhf, email, and or phone may be given at skippers meeting for reporting). At the Skippers meeting, the three race marks will be given. Leave marks to port. From the initial mark, the start will be a line perpendicular to the layline to the second mark. Leave the start mark to port, within approximately two boat lengths. Skipper’s meeting 8:30am (in the park in front of NOYC). First boat start 10:00am. Race committee and participants should monitor VHF 69.

Race 1, Sunday, 3/26

Race 2, Sunday, 4/2

Race 3, Sunday, 4/23

Makeup race, Sunday, 4/30

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Is there A CSA race Saturday??
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