1 – Organizing Authority: New Orleans Yacht Club


2– Rules: All races; will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008, the Prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, except where altered by these instructions.


3 – Eligibility: These races are invitational to the members of any recognized yacht club or sailing association.


3.1 Current GYA PHRF ratings and a valid rating certificate are required.  Boats with a Portsmouth rating that can be converted or crossed -over to a PHRF rating may be accepted. Otherwise the Race Committee will assign a temporary rating with an estimated six seconds penalty.  Provisional ratings will be accepted without protest, and may not be protested.


4 - Safety:  

4.1 U.S.C.G. required safety equipment.

4.2 All boats shall have functional Navigation Lights (running lights) as required.  Boats that are 7 meters or less shall have Navigation Lights (running lights) that display a red and green side or bow lights and a white stern light.  Navigation Lights (running lights) shall be used after sunset.

4.3 All boats shall carry a functional VHF radio and monitor channel 68.

4.4 A boat withdrawing from the race shall notify the Race Committee, as soon as possible when doing so.  Failure to do so will be scored DSQ for the entire series.  This also applies to a boat that has registered to race and does not race.

4.5 The Race Committee will monitor channel 68.

4.6 Those boats that do not comply with all of the above, a.) Are subject to protest and disqualification, or b.) The Race Committee at its discretion may score a boat as Disqualified (DSQ).


5 - Non-Spinnaker Sail Restrictions: Only one headsail may be used at a time.  Headsails of maximum size used for PHRF ratings or smaller may be carried and tacked at the usual tack point with luff continuously attached to the forestay by means provided the sail maker.  Roller furling headsails attached on its own wire (i.e., Old Shaffer systems) will be allowed.  In the case of hank on sails, the hanks will be no further apart than 48 inches.  Spinnakers and staysails (except mizzen staysails) will not be allowed.


5.1 Whisker poles are to be no longer than the yacht’s spinnaker pole (i.e., “J” measurement) and must be attached to the mast. Only one Whisker Pole may be carried at any time.


6 – Registration and Schedule of Events: All boats shall register for each race.  No registration will be taken on the water.


Host: New Orleans Yacht Club

March 12 thru April 09 – Series 1 (BOTY)

May 21 – Make Up Race/Champagne Race

May 28 thru June 25 – Series 3 (BOTY)

July 2 – Make Up Race/Champagne Race

July 9 thru August 6 – Series 4 (Does not count for BOTY)

August 13 – Make Up Race/Champagne Race

August 20  thru September 17 – Series 5 (BOTY)

September 24 – Make Up Race/Champagne Race

October 01 thru Oct. 28 – Series 6 (BOTY)


6.1 For series 1thru 5, you may register by calling (504) 283-2581or in person at NOYC no later than 6:15 pm on race day; or you may register online at NOYC.ORG no later than 4:00pm on race day.  First Warning Signal at 7:00 pm.


Host: Corinthian Sailing Association and New Orleans Yacht Club

October 01 thru October 28 – Series 6 (BOTY)


6.2 For series 6, you may register by calling (504) 283-2581or in person at NOYC no later than 5:45pm on race day; or you may register online at NOYC.ORG no later than 4:00pm on race day.  First Warning Signal at 6:30 pm.


7 - Racing Area: South shore of Lake Pontchartrain.


8 - Scoring: Scoring will be in accordance with RRS A4.1, using the low-point scoring system.  A minimum of three races will constitute a series.  In a series in which four or more races are sailed, there will be one throw-out excluding DSQ.  There are no make-up races.


9 - Prizes:  Prizes will be awarded to each boat that places 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each race and 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in a series.  Prizes will be awarded for BOTY in each of the four classes.  BOTY will be decided over the four series.  To score points for BOTY, a boat must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall in a series; a high point system will be used, with three points for 1st, two for 2nd and one for 3rd.